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i'm emily! i'm loud && super friendly. I reblog whatever i like. && i like meeting new people. let's be friends(:



Now that I’m an adult I have to make more serious posts



if you kiss my neck and bite my lip your pants are coming off.


reasons to date me

  • no pressure to wear pants in my presence
  • or any clothes at all really
  • but it’s up to you
  • u can be big spoon or little spoon
  • totally your choice
  • i’m always ready to make out
  • aLwaYs
  • also u don’t even have to buy me things just maybe an ice cream cone every once in a while that’s it 
  • i’ll let you lick it though
  • i mean the ice cream cone
  • well not just the ice cream cone


When Audrey realized photographer Shaw was just trying to accomplish in his field what she was trying to do as an artist in hers, she forgot about LIFE’s cameras watching her closely day after day. Shaw developed prints of Audrey after each session, spending his nights studying them for typical Audrey mannerisms, gestures and expressions. The series of Audrey talking on the phone - one of which ended up on the magazine’s cover - was taken when her agent called her at home. Mark’s diligence paid off: the photos truly capture Audrey’s personatily and, by the end of the shoot, she was treating him like a member of the family.

Audrey Hepburn at her Beverly Hills apartment photographed by Mark Shaw in 1953.

she’s such an angel


Tom Daley adjusts his bulge, spreads cheeks


i may not be your cup of tea but i’m your 10th shot of tequila


Painted-on skeletons and muscle structures can help show riders what’s going on when their horse is moving. [via]